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    One Global Democracy: A world without borders..

    “Climate change, inequality, lost economic opportunity: these are our biggest problems. We seldom think about it, but all three are linked to a world political system that’s failing because it’s comprised of separate countries,” said Schurman. “The definition of a country is an entity that’s accountable to nobody beyond its borders. In today’s interconnected world, that just doesn’t work any more.”

    “Separate countries are a core reason why our world is breaking apart — this isn’t an easy challenge to face or solve, but it’s clear that things will continue to get worse until we do.”

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    A one global democracy, more like a global dictatorship.

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    Gul Dukat
    It's the same people who gave us mass third world immigration who are pushing this one world government.

    Individual countries worked fine.

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    there must be a brain eating amoeba inside all these dipshits skulls

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    I am all for one govt. Just need a mass extinction of niggers, ass lifters, and most of all, liberals. These liberals think the world can work like a star trek fantasy where niggers are super intelligent and docile scientists who work hard and require no handouts. Not going to happen. Even if we ever discovered things like replicators and unlimited energy, niggers would just replicate guns, drugs, and bling.

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    When the lefties say "One Global Democracy", just think about any country that ever called itself "The People's Democratic <whatever>". Enough said.
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