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    Occupy Wallstreet protestor who sued NYPD for excessive force gets a one penny settlement.

    An Occupy Wall Street protester who was busted while fighting against the One Percent in 2011 sued the city — and was just awarded a whopping one cent.

    A Manhattan federal jury granted plaintiff Eric Gersbacher the penny after he claimed that NYPD cops roughed him up during his caught-on-video arrest in Zuccotti Park.
    Pat Miller, chief of the city Law Department’s special federal litigation division said, “The penny verdict shows the jury agreed this case had very little merit.’’
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    But Gersbacher’s lawyer, Wylie Stecklow said, “The jury confusion or jury compromise that resulted in the nominal damage award does not change the result that this NYPD Inspector used excessive force arresting a person involved in expressive speech activity protected by the First Amendment.”
    Something niggers and liberals just can't seem to grasp. Their "free speech" is not being infringed. You are blocking and disrupting. You are challenging anyone whose opinion differs from yours verbally and physically. You are destroying property. That is called a riot, not a protest. You are not a victim.

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    Great, this means his ass clown libtard lawyer will get 1/3 of a cent for his trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animal mother View Post
    Great, this means his ass clown libtard lawyer will get 1/3 of a cent for his trouble.
    There was an old Night Court episode where Bull was convinced by his ambulance chaser cousin to sue the city. The magic sow bailiff told Bull, the cousin's going to get a third of the settlement. Bull said, "No, I get to keep a third!"
    We know the world is messed up when the top-earning golfer for years was a nigger, our ex-president is a Muslim born in Kenya, Snowden fled to Hong Kong and Russia to escape the U.S. government, George Zimmerman was put on trial, and GQ calls Colin Kapernick its Citizen of the Year.

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    Nothing compares to what they do to each other...

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    The police were reported as saying beating that liberals ass was worth every penny.

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