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    Andre dont work at de chiggun plant no more

    First some background im currently working at a poultry plant in the north ga mtns (not tyson) we supply popeyes, bojangles and instant diarhea (kfc) with their chicken. There are about 2500 workers here with all but about 30 being either white or hispanic. Anyway our plant has an agreement with the state of ga that provides employment to excons that are in a halfway house while they transition back to society(again 95% are white and local). That being said, i had the misfortune to get stuck hanging chicken next to the only shitskin on my shift three weeks ago. Andre was your typical dumbass walking turd, he was out on parole for possession, robbery and tnb and was assigned to the chicken plant by ga doc. Now seeing as most of the leadership is either a hispanic or b hillbilly redneck, you can guess that the niggers that do come through tend to get the hardest and shittiest jobs in the plant. Hanging chicken on a moving shackle by one leg 20 or 25 times a minute definitely qualifies as shitty, this area has the highest turn over in the plant ( the cons usually after a week or two decide jail is better) so people from other departments are usually pulled to work there. The night me and ol andre got into it was my 12th in a row hanging fucking chicken, andre decided that i wasnt pulling birds out fast enough and started bitching about "lazy fucking white boy and fucking hillbilly crackers" well, since im not posting this from the fannin county detention center you can surmise that i didnt hang ol andre on a shackle by his boot lips for a ride on the overhead, nope i used my brain and nailed his ass to the wall. I waited till my break and reported the incident to my supervisior, a guatamalan midget who has about as much love for shit skins as i do.
    Anyway my boss talked to andres boss and he ended up in hr for what i found out was the third time in two weeks (both of the previous times had been for sexually harrassing a couple of chicas that work in quality control) and ol andre got shown the door. Now you might say that this was enough, but in the words of billy mays, wait theres more. Andre had been working and behaving itself well enough that it had been allowed to move out of the halfway house but was still on supervised probation, well he forgot to mention that he had been terminated for cause to his po. His parole officer makes a habit of coming by once or twice a week and making sure that his charges are where theyre supposed to be and behaving themselves, needless to say when he found out ol andre got shit canned he made a beeline to the apartment he was living in and found him stoned out of his gourd. So ol andre is a guest of the state of ga till 2022 and the chiggun plant has one less nigger.

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    You would figure a nigger in a chicken plant would be his dream job, but then they only like the fried ones I am told.
    Niggers are a Sub-Human Species of Sociopathic Parasites and their Coddlers the Enemy

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    I'm surprised the nog didn't get caught mid stroke with a chiggun carcass on its pecker.
    A liberalís paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does indeed already exist: Itís called Prison.Ē
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    Probably had a half dozen of those scrawny birds stuffed up it's ass for later...on a side note-I always thought Popeye's and KFC got they birds from Tyson.


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    Nope at least in this part of the southeast they don't. I often wonder what niggers would think if they knew dey two piss an a bidcit was packed by people that would love to see them rendered extinct

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    I watched a documentary on a chicken plant and I gotta say that job looks like it sucks. I've driven past chicken farms and the stench is so foul it rivals a room full of niggers. It seems like a lot of repetitive work and though mindless I don't see how any nigger could make it through a day. It is almost unfathomable. One of the things they say is not to wash your chicken. First reason on my mind as to why this is bullshit is that niggers probably handled it.

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    Years ago, I worked at a cannery in Washington. There were essentially three jobs you could do, the "Slime line" which was a conveyor belt that brought fish to your station, which you had to gut quickly with a filet knife, the "crab pools" which were HUGE vats, full of crab, which you swam around in making sure that the crab didn't flip upside down (when a crab flips upside down it "drowns" and releases a toxin which can kill the other crab) and lastly was "clean up" where you had these huge fire-hoses that you sprayed all the guts down these drains that went back to the ocean. Every nigger wanted to be in the pools, since you also were able to eat all the crab that were dead (they had huge steam pots to steam them). But since niggers are the least aquatic animal out there, after apes and giraffes (only 2 mammals that can't swim, look it up), they would essentially just dead man float until their shift was over. You were allowed to have a snorkel mask, but no fins since the fins could flip the crab over, so you would walk by the tanks and see a dozen or so niggers, in wet suits, just floating till they spotted a crab that they could eat. It was actually quite funny. Oh, did I mention that the water was actually salt water that was pulled from the ocean, then chilled? At least once a day a nigger would be crying about "hypnothermia" and rubbing their hands/toes to get warm. Most didn't take breaks, less miss out on the opportunity to find a crab to eat, so they would sit in these pools, which were a few degree's above freezing, for several hours at a time. When humans worked the pools, we would normally walk around the outside, looking into the pools, to make sure everything was up and up. Niggers on the other hand, would jump in and float around. I swear when niggers were working, they would "drown" crab intentionally, just to eat them.

    The only thing funnier was the imported Asians that worked the slime lines they would keep ice cream buckets under their work stations and fill them up with the "tasty" organs they gutted out of the fish. Around noon, we would be hosing the floors off, meanwhile the less equipped Asians (ones without buckets) would be scrambling to pick up the entrails off the floor and eat them as fast as they could.

    Really weird place to work. I was only there for a few weeks, but it was quite the experience.
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    Wash it, wash it some more and if still in doubt wash it yet again, most of your commercially processed chicken is washed at various stages in some fairly strong chlorine and acetic acid solutions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraken View Post
    You would figure a nigger in a chicken plant would be his dream job, but then they only like the fried ones I am told.
    Itís that coincidental? Thatís the same way I like niggers.

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