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    The problem with South Africa






    Lauren Southerns trip to South Africa documents the true nature of “multiculturalism” in a once prosperous nation taken over by Marxist niggers with the complicity of the leftist first world media, academia, entertainment industry, and “do-gooder” politicians such as the Clintons.

    To those who are supporters of Nelson Mandela, you’ve got a lot of blood on your hands. The time has come, when we will no longer sit back and let these people dismiss those who point this out as racist, it is in fact a genocide in which the deniers are complicit and ultimately responsible. Those people need to be held accountable. They need to have the true nature of their evil, which they put forward as virtue, exposed, shamed, and punished.

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    The problem with Africa is that it's full of Africans.
    islam (is-LAHM) n.
    1. The frothy mixture of semen and goat dung resulting from Muslim sex.

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    Gul Dukat
    Mandela openly sang kill the Boers in front of whites many times, in his ooga booga dialect.

    Letting niggers run their own countries is like letting retarded kids run their own Burger King.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rape Ape View Post
    The problem with Africa is that it's full of Africans.
    Boers have been Africans for generations. The problem is niggers.

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    My sister's idiot husband lived in South Africa as a foreign exchange student. He actually ended up with TB from his stay down there. He lived in a huge house, in a gated community, surrounded by guards. Oh, he will tell you all about how great South Africa is, he also cried when Nelson "The Terrorist of Tanzania" Mandella died, like sobbed like a bitch. Fucking cuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simple Man View Post
    -Very informative. Thank-you for putting this together and posting it on our forum.

    Thanks, I can’t wait until this comes out:


    In the mean time, the hour long interview with Stephan Molyneux is quite informative:


    This is Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian every single day, while assholes like Bono and Geldoff have cheered it on for 30 years. The attacking of elderly whites, is exactly what Oprah was saying when she said “ They just have to die”, and yet the fat sow still has a career.

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    What a hell of a dilema....can't even imagine it. The land you were born in and generarations before...taken over by niggers. I personally would have to leave, the stress of living with the VERY real threat of you and your family being murdered is something I couldn't accept. The old saying " the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree" is especially accurate here ALL the niggers in this country are directly linked to these murdering savages. Nigger DNA is the same were ever the nigger happens to be. These events should be plastered all over the world news. Dirty nigger animals
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    What did the liberal cuck suckers think would happen when they gave away their nation.

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    The problem is and will always be niggers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simple Man View Post
    -I'll have to keep an eye out for the documentary and just as you referenced the Stephan Molyneux interview, a post about him popped up in Newsbot's forum (Nigger News From Around The World)

    -I can tell you're passionate about the subject so I'm going out on a limb here and guess you're from SA or close to someone who is. We don't get many stories from that part of the world so you're welcome to join if you'd like. It's free and private. If not, keep up the good work and keep us informed. Stories like these need to be brought to light.

    -It's sickening that the white genocide that's going on to those poor farmers today gets little or no coverage and yet we are forced to never forget about some enslaved niggers from over century ago.

    (Edit: it was not Stephan Molyneux)
    Not from SA, but this is TNB everywhere, particularly where you have white leftist do-gooders advocating for the niggers against their own kind. BLM is demanding that white elders give their homes to niggers, at the same time attacks on older whites are steeply rising in this country. Apartheid was a defense mechanism against invading niggers that swarmed into the wealthy areas that whites created, when niggers were never there before. Niggers do the same world wide, with the same result.

    Molyneux is a race realist, and well worth listening to.

    Thanks for posting, I enjoy the guest post, but would probably get banned if I joined.

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    So the niggers have taken over what the white man created in South Africa, and they are killing whites without consequence.

    But here we are using Internet technology created ENTIRELY BY WHITE HUMANS, and we dare not discuss or plan what we need to do to defeat the niggers who are killing white people who built EVERY THING in South Africa.

    Good thing we've got a forum where we can commiserate and share our outrage BUT NOT PROMOTE ANY ACTIONS TO SAVE OUR FELLOW HUMANS!!

    This is all just a bunch of navel gazing.......

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    More from BPS on YouTube.


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