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    If you ever wonder how so much luggage gets ruined

    We know the world is messed up when the top-earning golfer for years was a nigger, our ex-president is a Muslim born in Kenya, Snowden fled to Hong Kong and Russia to escape the U.S. government, George Zimmerman was put on trial, and GQ calls Colin Kapernick its Citizen of the Year.

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    At first I thought I was watching a remake of the old American Tourister commercials!

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    I wonder how much that sheboon is getting paid? Also I wonder how many responsible white people who are out of work that applied for that job were turned down thanks to Affirmative Action?
    I hate niglets because they always grow up to be full grown niggers.

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    I can't tell you how many times I have seen bags fall off those baggage trucks, get run over, and they just place it back on like nothing happened. That or those older planes that have overhead cargo compartments. Seeing a bag fall 40 feet and smash on the ground, open top and all the niggers do is shove it all back in and place it on the cart again like nothing happened. This is why you do not hire niggers to handle peoples property. If they aren't stealing they are destroying.

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