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    Sand niglet in a 'sand box'

    Whilst enjoying an afternoon stroll in the park at the weekend, the hound and I were making our way back home when a gaggle of fully black-bagged sand sows and half a dozen sand niglets entered the gates and started towards the gardens.

    By all of the park entrances are 6' Square sand boxes, clearly marked 'Dog toilet'.

    As the welfare parasites made their way up the footpath, one of the smaller future goat botherers peeled off from the group and got in the sandbox. Probably thirty seconds passed and the little turdlet was still happily sitting in dog shit and sifting through the sand with it's hands.

    The decent human being in me instantaly wanted to shout a warning to the mother. The screaming racist in me said otherwise and I just left the little bastard to it.

    Even the hound looked bemused.

    I'm still chuckling about it now.

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    It was reminded of it's home in Craplackistan.

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