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    Mohammed Cartoon Contest Netherlands edition, there will be fatwas..

    in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders of the anti-Islam Party for Freedom, now plans to hold a competition for drawing cartoons of Mohammed inside the Dutch parliament.

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    Ooh another one! These are my favorite! If I were a better artist I’d combine my 3 favorite ones. Hopefully someone will draw bomb turban fucking a pig and doing a beer bong with a dildo on the end of the hose.

    That pedo goatfucker started the “religion of peace”, that’s really all about raping children and killing “infidels”. So peaceful. I’d love to see the most depraved Mohammed cartoons imaginable plastered to every mosque around the world.

    In my old neighborhood there was a health food store I would visit occasionally, and one day I walked in and a family of asslifters (who happened to be white) were doing their asslifting on the floor in the middle of the cafe’, blocking access to the restrooms and I really had to piss. I wish I could have dumped a bottle of cheap vodka on them and dropped bombhead cartoons in front of their faces, but I just tiptoed around them. They gave me dirty looks, as did all the shithead cucks sitting in the cafe’. I saw those asslifters around the neighborhood every so often and I could never comprehend how a white family would convert to that asinine religion. They might as well have joined Scientology.

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    Want to really set them off? Use this as the basis for your drawing.....

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    We already have one right here.

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