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    justin igger

    General radio show discussion sticky.

    Let us know what you like about the show or what you would like to see more of.

    Also any general comments about the show or guests can go here.

    Your feedback is important.

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    More muslim bashing.

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    justin igger
    Quote Originally Posted by Mushmouth View Post
    More muslim bashing.
    Will do!

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    Justin, thank you for your commitment to the show.
    I actually found the plantation, via youtube, listening to old episodes of C/O radio.
    Keep the truth flowing in your humorous manner. I've been listening since episode 1 with Birdman.

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    justin igger
    Thanks! The archives are in the radio thread in case there were some you missed.

    Welcome back to the plantation.

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    WE NEED dj stoopnig

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