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    Antifa Thugs Furious After Police Release Their Pics ó Letís Make Them Famous!

    Police in Berkeley, California and Portland, Oregon, arrested several members of Antifa over the weekend. Now, the Berkeley Police Department has released the names and headshots of many of the individuals arrested during a Sunday protest, posting their pictures and making the unhinged leftists furious. Let's make these fools famous! [...]


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    I love leftist butt-hurt in the morning.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now check out the mugshots. The men all look like the dickless wonders you'd imagine they'd look like, the top row women are feminazi poster children and the two hags (bottom row) are precisely the kind of menopausal nightmares that park their brooms in Berkeley.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ďPush that snooze button and youíll end up working for someone who didnít.Ē

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    It appears from the bruises on them that a few maple shampoo's were issued. Good. I hate this human garbage worse than niggers.

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    They're bullies and typical of bullies, they are cowards.

    It's ok for them to cover their faces so they can commit their acts of thuggery anonymously. The last thing they want is their victims tracking them down for some retaliation.

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