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    Wakandan scores a double.

    In my county murders are rare, but this year we already had s high profile one where a coon killed s human in front of a VFE and posted the video on Fagbook. Now another chimp has struck.
    An sheriff's deputy frequents s business owned by friend and yesterday remarked that he had just come from a double murder. The location was on the border of Civilization and Niggertown. I asked Mr. Deppity if "Africans were involved."
    He said, "Off the record, yes."
    The coon was in custody. Don't know much more but it was on the news.

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    What's "VFE?" Google:
    Velocity, Flaps Extended
    Virtual Franchise Expo
    Visual Field Extent
    Virtual Fratton End


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    VFE was supposed to be VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) but my fingers are fat... The phone's keyboard is small... So typos are common.

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