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    I wish we had someone willing to produce a radio show...

    It's really too bad we can't solicit the talent to create and produce a radio show from our membership. I just listened to the chimp-mania radio show and it was such a piss poor production I was embarrassed for them. Music sounded like it was recorded from an old portable cassette player and the guest sounded live while the host sounded like he was calling in on a cell phone ( with a toy monkey playing bongos in the background). Very sad but at least they have a show ( I suppose)...

    Any interest or suggestions from any of our newer members?


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    I really wish I could help, but I have absolutely NO artistic talent, and not much free time either. Someone else will have to step forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AFN_Weasel View Post
    You really need to turn your avatar into a gif and have some cigarette smoke coming off of it.
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