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    Mudslime convert Baghead O'Conner says she doesn't want to be around white people anymore.

    "They're disgusting".

    We won't miss you. Bye.
    Black privilege is getting to act like a fucking chimp in public and then having the balls to make everybody else apologize.

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    I don't want her around infecting any people as equally stupid as she is either. She should be forcibly deported to the peaceful countries of Iran or Saudi Arabia. A popular vote of conservative WHITE males decides.
    A liberalís paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does indeed already exist: Itís called Prison.Ē
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County, Arizona

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