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    Britcuck Police invent AI to 'predict' future crime instead of just arresting the muzzies & coons

    Exclusive: UK police wants AI to stop violent crime before it happens

    Police in the UK want to predict serious violent crime using artificial intelligence, New Scientist can reveal. The idea is that individuals flagged by the system will be offered interventions, such as counselling, to avert potential criminal behaviour.

    The system, called the National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS), uses a combination of AI and statistics to try to assess the risk of someone committing or becoming a victim of gun or knife crime, as well as the likelihood of someone falling victim to modern slavery.
    Gun or knife crime & (sex) modern slavery? Just go arrest all the muslims and niggers and save the British taxpayer some money ya Britcuck cops.

    As for exactly what will happen when such individuals are identified, that is still a matter of discussion, says Donnelly. He says the intention isn’t to pre-emptively arrest anyone, but rather to provide support from local health or social workers. For example, they could offer counselling to any individual with a history of mental health issues that had been flagged by NDAS as being likely to commit a violent crime. Potential victims could be contacted by social services.
    Hey, mohammed, our predictive crime models say you're at risk for knifing people and gang grooming underage girls for al-dik rape. Would you like to come to grips with your feelings at our luxury mental health care center where we will try to sweet talk you out of doing what we know what you're going to do anyway?

    Martin Innes, director of the Crime and Security Research Institute at Cardiff University, UK, says he is “sceptical” that the system will reliably predict offences at an individual level. The tool will probably be more useful for generally locating communities at risk, he says.
    "Communities at risk", ha ha ha what kind of people live in these 'at risk communities.'

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    There's already an age-old means of predicting crime. If it has shitskin, it's guilty.
    islam (is-LAHM) n.
    1. The frothy mixture of semen and goat dung resulting from Muslim sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rape Ape View Post
    There's already an age-old means of predicting crime. If it has shitskin, it's guilty.
    Yes, so true. No research or analysis needed, see a nigger, crime is sure to follow. See a mudshark, future recepient of violent crime. Mudsharks are not victims, they're asking for it
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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