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    Knob Goblin CA Gov Jerry Brown blasts 'rural areas' for opposing his extreme gas tax hike

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    Brown is such a lying disingenuous piece of shit. NOBODY voted to "reaffirm" the gas tax!!!!

    It was originally pitched as a hiway repair measure. What the Dumbs counted on was the ignorant voting public not reading the fine print. That being that the repairs would be funded through an additional gas tax.

    When the proposition repeal was floated last fall, it was worded the same way, i.e... "Do you want to defund the repairs of our freeway system". Of course these dumb fucks said "no" not thinking that it would also repeal the gas tax.

    No one reaffirmed shit. God damn I hate Jerry Brown.

    EDIT: That's also why, in a general sense, California is so fucked up to begin with. All these moonbats voting-in the ignorance that inhabits Sacramento. It's all good intentions without any long-term thinking. Another reason we end up with these charlatan politicians. Actions have consequences and nobody is thinking ahead.
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