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    Quantum Niggrosity


    First it was taco sauce, now niggers are bustin caps over kool-aid. Then there was the Chimpout over somebody objecting to a sows smelly farts. At what low point do we reach Quantum Niggrosity, the point at which no nigger can go lower on the scale of insignificant things to chimp about?

    Maybe the last sheet of toilet paper? A missing Q-tip? An empty can of dog food? How low can the spooks go? No matter what the answer is, some coon will figure out how to lower the bar, taking all humanity with it.

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    This is just standard nigger behavior, expect it to get worse before whitey gets pushed to the point of really doing something about it.

    Edit: as long as it's niggers killing niggers, then I'm fine with it.
    Niggers are a Sub-Human Species of Sociopathic Parasites and their Coddlers the Enemy

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    The conundrum of the theoretical existence of Quantum Niggrossity also would apply to other areas of Coonery, such as the stupid names that mammysows give their nigglets. No matter how fucked up and retarded a niggers name is, some ugly sow that no human-related being would remotely have sex with,
    will produce a sprog with a far more stupid name than previously existed.

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    Two niggers got disspeked in an argument over who's Kool-Aid was the best. Naturally they pulled out the 9's and had at it....both missed and shot bystanders.

    “Push that snooze button and you’ll end up working for someone who didn’t.”

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    Nigger marksmanship @ 1:18

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    I find it Comical every time something like this happens, the News Station makes the Token Nigger report on it. The look on her face said it all. Secondly at the end it tries to shift the blame from the Niggers to the Guns, like the Guns grabbed hold of the Nigger's Hand's and made them shoot the bystander Boons.

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    No, there is no bottom below which they can't go. In mathematics this is known as an asyntope: two lines that approach each other infinitely, but never meet. Niggers will always find a way to go lower.

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    One would hope that the Quantum Niggrosity exists, because that would mean that niggers have achieved their evolutionary (in fact; de-evolutionary) purpose in finding the absolute lowest form of depravity. That would indicate that they are completely superfluous as a species, and the universe would eliminate them. Alas, it seems that there may, indeed be an asymptote of absolute stupidity which niggers can approach infinitely, yet never reach.

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    If y'all lived where I do you would have Ph.D's in Coonology...

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    Blue Gum
    One of my genie wishes? That some "nigger-specific" fast acting fatal disease would just race through the nigger population like wild fire

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