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    Cucktards travel to Burkina Faso to spread some love..

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    The price of ignorance, is death by niggers.
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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    I have NO problems with the brain dead libtards vacationing in terrorists countries. In fact all the liberal colleges should make it a mandatory diversity course.

    Time to pack your napsack kids, you're heading for wonderful diverse Somalia......enjoy and remember to send pictures.
    Niggers are a Sub-Human Species of Sociopathic Parasites and their Coddlers the Enemy

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    Mali Travel Advisory Level 4: Do Not Travel August 13, 2018

    Just a couple of things to add here: These two snowflake retards had it coming and nothing of value was lost.

    If you decide to travel to Mali:

    -Draft a will, and designate appropriate insurance beneficiaries and/or power of attorney.

    -Establish your own personal security plan in coordination with your employer or host organization, or {consider consulting with a professional security organization.}

    -Be sure to appoint one family member to serve as the point of contact with {hostage-takers}, media, U.S. and host country government agencies, and {Members of Congress if you are taken hostage} or detained.

    At some point you would think their families would have Baker Acted these two for being out of their mind's, but I have a feeling they are probably Lil' Rainbows too.

    Who knows in a day or two, maybe some videos of their demise will be posted on their parent's Facebook page like what went down with those two Scandinavians in Morocco. We can only hope.

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