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    Right Wing Authoritarian Trump attitudes linked to aversion to body odor & catching STDs from strangers

    Do you hate stinky, gross, fentanyl shooting antifa? Grossed out by body odor and catching STDs from muh dikkin' strangers? You must be an authoritarian, right wing Trump supporter!

    Stop the world, I want to get off.

    People who have a greater tendency to turn their nose up at the whiff of urine, sweat and other body odours are more likely to have rightwing authoritarian attitudes, research suggests.

    The study also found having a greater disgust for body odours was linked, albeit to a small degree, with support for Donald Trump when he was a presidential candidate.

    The team say the findings support the idea that a feeling of disgust might partly underpin social discrimination against others, with the link rooted in a primitive urge to avoid catching diseases from unfamiliar people or environments.
    This wonderful new and insightful study comes to us from the cucktard Academics in Swedenistan.

    “We think that authoritarian attitudes might, at least in part, be rooted in biology,” said Dr Jonas Olofsson, co-author of the research from Stockholm University and the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study.

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    Serve acute cases of TDS causes this bullshit liberal crap. They have nothing better to do than self destruct and lie.
    Niggers are a Sub-Human Species of Sociopathic Parasites and their Coddlers the Enemy

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