To ALL registered members. (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Acknowledged Members) If you ever lose or forget your password, the ONLY way to have it reset through the forum password reset page is to have a VALID email address in your profile. If you do not have an email address set in it then there is NO way to get your new password reset.

You can set your email address here and also update or change your current password.

Here is the link to reset your password if you forgot it.

It is in the FAQ's on the main page before you login, it is under "General Forum Usage > Lost Passwords

This is NOT a request but a requirement of membership. If not done by 06/14/2019, I will send out PM warnings and you will have 15 days to comply or we will deactivate your account.

If you feel uncomfortable using your real email address, then use a free anonymous email service. is a good one. But feel free to use one of your choice.

Thank You