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    House Dems plan to move bill for vote to criminalize private gun sales this week

    Nancy Pelosi belongs in hell.

    H.R. 8 would outlaw the private gun sales Americans have enjoyed since December 15, 1791, the date on which the Second Amendment was ratified. This would criminalize a neighbor who sold a gun to lifelong neighbor without first getting government permission via a background check. It would also criminalize a friend for selling a gun to lifelong friend without government permission.
    Moreover, H.R. 8 would have done nothing to stop nearly every mass shooter to date in the 21st century. This is because nearly every mass shooter acquired his guns via background checks, rather than private gun sales. The exceptions are those who stole their guns.

    Yet Democrats are rushing this legislation to the House floor for a vote. Reuters reports that the House Judiciary Panel “will mark up the bill…on February 13 and send it to the House floor for a vote.”

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    It will NEVER pass the Senate and if for some bizarre reason it did, Trump would veto it ASAP

    Niggers are a Sub-Human Species of Sociopathic Parasites and their Coddlers the Enemy

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    They may well as just go home for the next 2 years as the senate will not even allow a vote on any libtard shit they pass. These pricks are so far over the top they are writing the GOP's ads themselves for 2020. Just let the media keep posting stories about Occasional Cortex and the muzzie sand nigger sow who hates Israel.

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    EVERYONE need to log who votes for this piece of shit so they are removed from office! You won't find anyone doing it for you come election time.

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