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    AMC movie theaters are rayciss!

    Another entitled uppity nigger who was "racially profiled." I call bullshit.

    Worthless Nigger Lives Arizona will protest outside an AMC movie theater for the imaginary “racial profiling, harassment, and mistreatment” of a man "incorrectly accused" of sneaking into a Captain Marvel screening.
    Suuuuuure he was incorrectly accused. /s

    On Friday night, Larry Shelton, 40, a mortgage banker in Ahwatukee, Ariz., was watching the movie at an AMC theater in Phoenix when he got up to use the restroom and re-fill his beverage. “I’m walking back to my seat with my cup when a manager runs up and said I entered the building through an exit door,” Shelton tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “He was very nasty with me and told me to leave.”
    Bolded part is more believable.

    Shelton told the employee he was wrong and that he should verify his suspicion on a security camera. He continued to his seat and as he ate popcorn wearing his 3D glasses, a security guard told him to leave. Shelton refused, filming his chimpout for Facebook.

    Shelton recorded another video in the theater lobby, where police officers were standing. “These guys said you didn’t have a ticket,” said an officer, indicating the manager who said, “Sir, you walked in an exit door and my staff warned me they did not sell you a ticket…I am sure. Nobody scanned your ticket.”
    Look for nigger lotto attempt to follow.

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    You know how I know this nigger snuck in without paying? Because if he really did pay to get in, he'd have went CAT-5 on them when forced to leave. Nope, he just walked out grumbling to hisseff. Lying nigger!
    “Push that snooze button and you’ll end up working for someone who didn’t.”

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    I'm familiar with the Ahwatukee AMC, been there many times, it is in an affluent, fairly nigger free area. This is probably why they thought the nigger snuck in. I don't ever remember seeing a nigger in there.
    'Mortgage Banker' nigger in Ahwatukee lol.
    "Instead of founding an intellectual elite, America has established a mulatto studfarm..."- Knut Hamsun

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